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Healthcare in India is rapidly transforming in the post covid era. With the confidence of delivering over two billion Covid-19 indigenously developed vaccines to its people, India has made a huge impact globally by supplying vaccines and other medical support to the world. Yet, its own healthcare system now needs to step up and meet the needs of its people in a cheaper, better and faster way. All these initiatives are going to be primarily met with the private players in India. Our updated estimates suggest that Indian healthcare would require over US $ 360 billion to meet the healthcare needs of its people. Being long gestational in nature, capital investments in healthcare also need to be long-term. Toro Finserve LLP offers long-term and non-equity dilutive growth capital solutions to the private Indian healthcare operators.

Who are We?

  • We are the growth investors in health care. We are the first fund who is putting long-term non-dilutive equity capital in the healthcare infrastructure. We act as an alternative financing option.
  • The total corpus is US$ 1 billion.
  • As we invest in Indian healthcare, we not only create employment but many other impact